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C O M I N G   S O O N :
E N D L E S S   S U M M E R   D A Y S

DeNise Woodbury, started her writing life as a reader.  During Life, Parts One and Two, she kept notes.  In 1993 she had the opportunity (lost her job) to either visit a friend in Greece or spend a year in Alaska.  She doesn't speak Greek but, God, does she love a road trip.  So she loaded up the truck and drove the Alcan - in September - and spent the winter in Anchorage learning to speak Alaskan.

DeNise kept taking notes, and by then she was part of a writer's group.  She learned how to spell seasonal employment in the village of McCarthy.  Her sojourn was to end with summer and the plan was to go back to Oregon.  But then her vision of Mr. Wonderful stumbled up on the porch with a chain-saw in his hand.  DeNise now lives Part three and writes romance outside of Anchorage.  Oregon is on hold.

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