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C O M I N G   S O O N :
E N D L E S S   S U M M E R   D A Y S

In a moment of anguish, Duncan Mahoney impulsively buys a rundown lodge in Alaska, on Cotton Grass Lake.  With his business savvy, he figures he can turn it around quickly, make a profit and get out, wallet intact.  But the old owner won't leave, the hired-man is a drunk, and the staff is an abandoned single mother.

Cargo pilot Hannah Reed thinks the city-slicker will leave quickly and good riddance.  She traded Air Force and a bad marriage for a quiet life, good friends, and the pleasure of the open sky.  Duncan is a distraction she doesn't need but he is so sexy, she decides to enjoy him while he's still around.

As the season unfolds, Duncan and Hannah find themselves growing closer emotionally as well as physically.  The magic of Cotton Grass Lake heat broken hearts, but is it enought to keep them from breaking again?

Avery Garrett needs a new life. The one she has is filled with deceit and mind-numbing responsibilities. When she leaves town headed for a single life on her own terms, she's dreaming of a house full of love and a white picket fence.

So, how does she end up with a twenty year old oil-blowing car, her autistic brother in the back seat, and a 24/7 job with the boss from hell?

The fates must like a bloom where you're planted kinda girl, because they also sent a good carpenter to build her a solid fence.

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Everyone has a family history, those little stories that include grandma's recipes for chocolate pie and the sad truth that Aunt Helen embezzled the church building fund. That is everyone but Annabelle Bruster. She has no family recipes or funny stories. Instead she has a momma, daddy, brother, and a secret.

Her fiance, Marc Hutchens, has a family tree that stretches back generations. When he finally asks the fateful question of "where are you from," she decides it's time to finally uncover the answers. But you should always be careful what you ask for.

Instead of rich relatives and sweet memories she finds mystery and murder. Sometimes the past is best left behind, especially when there is a question of guilt and innocence. Can Annabelle let go of what she learns to navigate a new path with Marc or will the past destroy her future?